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Example Dram Shop Law
October 9, 2019

What is an Example of a Dram Shop Liability?

Drunk driving is an epidemic in this country and throughout the state of Rhode Island. Every single year, more than 10,000 people are killed in drunk driving accidents. In addition, more than ⅓ of all traffic fatalities are caused by drunk drivers.

According to MADD, in the state of Rhode Island, drunk drivers are responsible for 37% of all fatalities that occur on the road, and in 2017, 24% of those killed in motor vehicle accidents had a BAC that was greater than 2x the legal limit.

What are Dram Shop Laws?

Dram shop laws are laws that hold taverns, bars, restaurants, and businesses liable for selling alcohol to customers who then cause injury to others.

When an establishment, such as a tavern or restaurant, sells liquor to their customers and guests, they are held to a high standard.  R.I. Gen. Laws § 3-14 is also known as Rhode Island’s Liquor Liability Act. Its primary purpose is to prevent intoxication-related injuries and deaths, as well as promote safe and responsible liquor practices.

Under Rhode Island’s dram shop liability laws, injured drunk driving accident victims may be able to seek compensation from negligent establishments and any employees of this establishment under the Rhode Island Liquor Liability Act as well as under general common law negligence claims.  Some common examples of situations in which victims and recover are as follows:

  • Alcohol was served to a minor
  • Alcohol was served to a visibly intoxicated individual
  • Actively encouraged already intoxicated individual to consume more liquor
  • Service of liquor was so continuous that it created a substantial risk of death
  • Allowed intoxicated patron to leave the bar or establishment.

Due to the complexities surrounding dram shop liability laws, it is important to speak to an experienced Rhode Island drunk driving accident lawyer immediately after your accident.

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