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Station Nightclub fire resulting in 100 deaths and 206 injuries. Attorney Mark Mandell served as co-lead counsel in the Station Fire Litigation.  The lawsuit arose out of the tragic fire that occurred at the Station Nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island on February 20, 2003.  One hundred people died and hundreds of others were injured.  As a result of the Station Fire, the Rhode Island State Fire Safety Law was changed and strengthened, importantly imposing new, stricter requirements concerning the installation and use of sprinklers.  Signed by then-Governor Donald Carcieri on July 7, 2003, the new law was dedicated to the victims and families of the Station Nightclub fire with the express intent that “Rhode Island will never again be the place of such a tragedy.”

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Medical Negligence/Failure to Diagnose increasing intracranial pressure resulting in catastrophic brain injury

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Negligent Service of Alcohol to a Minor by a Casino resulting in catastrophic injury.


Negligent Over-Service of liquor and allowing a customer to leave resulting in traumatic brain injury to the occupant of another car.


Obstetrical Negligence Delayed delivery leading to cerebral palsy


Surgical negligence involving preoperative, operative and postoperative treatment of a parotid cancer


Negligent Bartender and Restaurant in service of alcohol and allowing intoxicated person to leave.


Birth trauma vs Navy Obstetrician/U.S. Government Fetal Distress – Delayed Delivery


Cardiac and neurological injuries Failure to properly diagnose and treat an infection in an infirmary.


Negligent treatment of newborn