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March 15, 2024

What Are the Psychological Effects of Losing a Limb?

The psychological effects of losing a limb can be profound, impacting day-to-day life and necessitating ongoing therapeutic support. Common causes of amputation are motor vehicle accidents, occupational injuries, and medical malpractice. These causes are often out of the control of victims. This is a fact that can compound the emotional and psychological effects of limb loss. Discussing your legal options with an experienced amputation lawyer can help you understand how best to seek compensation for your psychological and physical injuries.

Losing a limb often ushers in a period of intense emotional and psychological anguish. The importance of having a knowledgeable and compassionate legal team by your side during this time cannot be overstated. At Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, we understand that the aftermath of an amputation injury can be overwhelming due to the immediate physical loss and long-term psychological effects. Our experienced amputation injury lawyers are here to review your case—FREE of both obligation and cost—to gauge all aspects of your loss and help you determine how best to proceed.

If you or a loved one are facing the challenges that come with amputation, we are here to help. With close to 50 years of experience representing injured individuals in Rhode Island, the team at Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell is dedicated to fighting for your rights and the justice you deserve. Call us at 401-273-8330 to schedule your FREE  consultation at our Providence office and start your journey toward justice today.

Potential Psychological Effects of Losing a Limb

The psychological impact of limb loss may vary significantly from one person to another due to the deeply personal nature of this experience. However, certain common psychological effects arise. These include:

Grief and Mourning

The loss of a limb often triggers a profound sense of grief and mourning. This can manifest in various stages of grief—similar to the loss of a loved one—which may include denial, anger, bargaining, and depression. Individuals may grieve not only for the lost limb but for the loss of their previous way of life and the future they had envisioned.


It’s not uncommon for individuals to experience depression as they come to terms with the magnitude of their loss. This may include feelings of hopelessness, persistent sadness, a lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities, and suicidal ideation.


Anxiety may surface as individuals face the uncertainty of adjusting to a new way of living. This can include concerns about loss of mobility, independence, and the ability to engage in the activities of daily living.

Issues with Body Image and Self-esteem

The change in one’s physical appearance can significantly impact body image and self-esteem. Individuals may struggle with accepting their new body leading to feelings of embarrassment, shame, or a sense of being less than others.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a potential result of catastrophic injury. According to the NIH, up to a quarter of people who have experienced traumatic limb amputation experience PTSD as a result. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, and uncontrollable thoughts about the event. The impact of PTSD can extend well beyond the individual, affecting families and close relationships.

Addressing the psychological effects of losing a limb requires access to a strong support system. This includes friends and family along with professional support such as therapy and medication. Sadly, such support can be extremely expensive, potentially leaving amputation victims without the resources needed to effectively deal with their discomfort and distress.

With the right resources, including compassionate legal advocacy, individuals can better navigate the aftermath of limb loss and move toward a life redefined by resilience and strength. At Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, our experienced legal team is dedicated to helping survivors of traumatic injury receive the support and guidance needed to face these challenges head-on. We are prepared to fight for the comprehensive compensation you need to support your journey of recovery and adaptation.

Amputation Injury Damages

Amputation injuries can result in many economic and non-economic damages. These may include:

  • Profound Injury and Disability: Alterations to daily living and independence, alongside reliance on supportive devices and assistance for routine activities.
  • Forced Changes in Lifestyle: Changes in plans for the future and increased difficulty in enjoying favored activities.
  • Medical Expenses: Hospital stays, medications, physical and occupational therapy, psychological therapy, and counseling.
  • Adaptive Assistance: Home modifications such as ramps and railing, and assistive technologies such as wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.
  • Lost Income: Loss of current income during recovery and loss of future income due to physical and psychological consequences
  • Emotional Distress: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and similar psychological effects of losing a limb.

In Rhode Island, our Providence amputation attorneys can seek dollar-for-dollar compensation for tangible expenses, such as medical bills, along with fair and reasonable compensation for damages that do not have an established cost, such as physical injury and pain and suffering. During your FREE case review, we will carefully evaluate how your injury has impacted your life to help you determine the full amount of damages you are entitled to seek.

Our Providence Amputation Lawyers Are Here to Help

At Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, we recognize that the aftermath of an amputation can produce a complex array of challenges—physical, emotional, and financial. Our approach is rooted in compassion, strength, and a deep knowledge of personal injury and trial law, to help ensure that you feel supported at every juncture of your journey toward recovery and justice.

We strive to ensure that every aspect of your loss is accounted for, including the psychological effects, which are often overlooked in insurance settlements. Our approach to legal representation means we not only pursue compensation for tangible losses but also advocate for damages related to the emotional and psychological suffering our clients may experience. Recognized as one of the best law firms in America, our attorneys have secured many hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of serious injury through both settlement and trial. We are ready to take your case as far as needed in our pursuit of the fair compensation you are due.

Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell offers a No Fee Promise. If we don’t settle your case in your favor or win a jury verdict on your behalf, you owe us nothing for our legal services. We are dedicated to removing financial barriers to accessing quality legal representation. Our goal is to relieve unnecessary burdens, allowing you to focus on your recovery with the knowledge that your legal affairs are in capable hands.

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