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an accident victim suffers a disfiguring injury | Mandell, Boisclair and Mandell, Ltd
January 19, 2023

What Is Considered a Disfiguring Injury?

When you sustain a disfiguring injury after a vehicle collision or other accident, you are entitled to fair compensation for various economic and non-economic losses. For example, in addition to compensation for medical bills, you may be entitled to additional damages for the effects of living with any scarring or disfigurement you suffered as a result of the accident.

The Providence personal injury lawyers at Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, Ltd. have helped the wrongfully injured in Rhode Island for more than 45 years. We understand the hardships you may be facing after a disfiguring injury. If you were harmed because of someone else’s negligence, we want to hear your story.

Understanding the Different Types of Disfiguring Injuries

There are several different types of disfiguring injuries. These injuries can occur in all parts of the body, and they can range widely in terms of their overall effects. Disfiguring injuries can impact your confidence, your self-image, and your personal and professional relationships. Disfiguring injuries can include the following:

Facial Injuries 

Injuries to the face will often result in permanent disfigurement. This includes eye, nose, and jaw injuries, as well as lacerations and burns in all facial areas. Many people who suffer disfiguring facial injuries struggle to cope with the psychological effects of having their appearance permanently altered. As a result, these injuries can entitle accident victims to significant financial compensation in many cases.


Losing a limb in an accident is an extremely traumatic and life-altering event. Traumatic amputations are a form of disfigurement that can lead to substantial medical costs, loss of earnings, long-term pain and suffering, and other financial and non-financial losses. Along with struggling to cope with the physical effects of losing a limb, accident victims can also struggle to cope with an amputation psychologically.

Injuries Requiring Reconstructive Surgery 

Reconstructive surgery is often necessary for accident victims who suffer severe traumatic injuries. As its name suggests, reconstructive surgery focuses on repairing significant damage to the body caused by trauma. While some reconstructive surgery can improve an accident victim’s appearance or physical ability, many victims continue to live with lifelong scarring and disfigurement even after reconstructive surgery.

Musculoskeletal or Nerve Damage 

Damage to the musculoskeletal system or nerves can also result in disfigurement. These injuries can permanently impact physical appearance as well as physical capabilities. Musculoskeletal and nerve injuries that result in paralysis or that confine accident victims to wheelchairs can be classified as disfiguring injuries as well. 

Severe Bone Fractures 

While doctors can successfully treat many types of bone fractures, in some cases, severe bone fractures can result in permanent disfigurement. This is true with open fractures (when a broken bone pierces the skin) as well as with closed fractures that involve complex internal damage. As with other types of disfiguring injuries, severe bone fractures will often result in permanent physical limitations. In many cases, fractures can cause damage to the surrounding soft tissue or nerves. This damage can complicate the treatment and recovery processes, increasing the risk of permanent limitations, disfigurement, or both.

Severe Burns

Severe burns commonly result in permanent disfigurement. Third and fourth-degree burns will almost always result in disfigurement, but even less-severe burns can cause disfigurement in some cases. Skin grafts and reconstructive surgery procedures can cause permanent disfigurement for burn patients as well.

Similar to the other types of disfiguring injuries discussed above, severe burns can result from car accidents, construction accidents, product failures, and a wide range of other accidents. If you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, scarring and disfigurement, and more. To protect your legal rights, you should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. 

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