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Did Malpractice Injure My Baby? | Mandell, Boisclair and Mandell, Ltd
June 10, 2021

What Happens If a Baby Doesn’t Get Enough Oxygen at Birth?

Oxygen deprivation at birth, a condition known as birth asphyxia, is a significant risk for babies either before, during, or after delivery. Lack of oxygen can have long-term, life-altering effects on an infant’s brain.

The birth injury attorneys at Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, Ltd in Rhode Island have extensive experience in a range of cases involving birth asphyxia and other birth injuries. We understand the significant impact these injuries can have on babies and their families. We work tirelessly to help our clients achieve the justice they deserve.

Long-Term Effects of Lack of Oxygen at Birth

Unfortunately, many babies suffer moderate to severe brain injuries in utero and at birth, which can have a devastating impact on their brain development. Adequate blood oxygen levels supply crucial nutrients to our bodies and keep all of our organs functioning properly.

Insufficient oxygen in utero and at birth can cause long-term consequences that affect children and families for the rest of their lives. This is especially true in cases of hypoxic ischemic injuries, which involve a lack of both oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

Babies who experience oxygen starvation can develop disabilities such as:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Motor disorders
  • Blindness or impaired sight
  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavioral problems
  • Seizures

In severe cases, a baby may exhibit more than one of the conditions listed above or possibly even die as a result of their oxygen deprivation.

Financially, the lifetime expenses for individuals with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy or other intellectual disabilities, can be extraordinary.

Families facing this reality deserve experienced legal counsel to understand their rights. If negligence played a role in your child’s birth injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial losses experienced by your child and family. 

What Can Cause Oxygen Deprivation at Birth?

Oxygen deprivation can be the result of one or more of the following factors:

  • Problems with the umbilical cord: Before or during birth, the umbilical cord may prolapse or wrap around the baby, potentially leading to oxygen starvation of the baby.
  • Complications with the placenta: A baby can become deprived of oxygen if the placenta separates from the uterus too early.
  • Trauma in utero: The baby’s blood supply can be threatened if the mother suffers trauma.
  • Shoulder dystocia: Problems can occur when a baby’s shoulders get stuck during delivery.
  • Preeclampsia and eclampsia: When a mother has high blood pressure or suffers a seizure during childbirth, the baby can be starved of oxygen.

Can Oxygen Deprivation Be a Sign of Medical Malpractice?

Medical and nursing professionals have a duty to monitor expecting mothers and their babies diligently for any sign of complications. This involves proper prenatal care, as well as close monitoring throughout labor and delivery.

If a physician, nurse, or other medical professional fails to recognize or treat oxygen deprivation, injuries that result from that failure could constitute medical malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are incredibly complex and require the knowledge, skill, and resources of an experienced attorney. To prove obstetrical negligence, your birth injury lawyer must demonstrate that the medical professional:

  • Owed you a duty of care
  • Breached that duty of care
  • This breach resulted in injuries or losses

Your attorney will investigate the facts in your case to determine if obstetrical negligence played a role in your child’s injuries.

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