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In support of individuals with spinal cord injuries, Partner Mark Mandell donated $10,000, directly funding Determined2Heal and SPINALpedia, programs which empower and educate those with new spinal cord injuries.

Founded by Josh Basile following his own spinal cord injury, Determined2Heal is committed to simplifying the transition into paralysis for injured persons, and supporting paralysis-related research, projects, technologies, and organizations. Determined2Heal provides invaluable information about recovery, healthy living, daily life, technological advancements, and spinal cord research.

SPINALpedia is the sister website of Determined2Heal. It offers a wealth of information to educate and inspire persons with spinal cord injuries. The comprehensive website features thousands of videos, meticulously categorized and sub-categorized, to highlight nearly every aspect of life with a spinal cord injury. SPINALpedia is the largest online video-mentoring network for the paralysis community in the world.