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Rhode Island Pediatric Negligence

Pediatric Medicine deals with the care of infants and children.  Pediatric treatment is a very specialized and important area, especially when a young life is jeopardized by negligence.  A Rhode Island Pediatrician’s failure to make an accurate diagnosis, failure to adequately test and a failure to properly treat infants and children are just a few of the areas of pediatric negligence.

When a child suffers a preventable life-long disability or a wrongful death because of a medical mistake, the entire family suffers emotional trauma. Some of the questions which naturally arise are:  How did this happen and why?  In the case of a disability, what resources will be necessary now and in the future to care for the child?  Talk to our experienced staff about what actions you should take.

Here at Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, Ltd our lawyers and full time nurse paralegals investigate Rhode Island Pediatric Malpractice claims where it is suspected that negligence by a medical professional has resulted in injuries or death.  Our nurses have an average of 24 years experience assisting the attorneys to prosecute these cases from the initial intake to trial. 

Getting answers from Rhode Island doctors and hospitals can be extremely difficult – especially when a child’s disability or wrongful death is involved. At Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, Ltd we are prepared to listen to your experience and advise you about your options.  For many years our law practice has focused on helping injured children and their families