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Rhode Island Surgical Errors Attorney

Surgical Error Lawyers Serving Rhode Island

In Rhode Island there are certain risks involved in any surgery, but a surgical error should not be one of them.  Some surgery errors are quite obvious, (such as ‘wrong side, or wrong limb surgery’).  In some cases the surgical error is negligent but not quite so obvious.  The cost of treatment required to survive and possibly recover can be financially and emotionally devastating.  You may have seen Rhode Island news reports about surgeons who amputate the wrong limb or remove the wrong body part on the evening news.  While your case may not be that extreme, any injury resulting from hospital mistakes can require legal action.

Hospitals, surgeons and their staff have procedures designed to minimize the risk of making mistakes.  Unfortunately these ‘protocols’ are not always followed leading to avoidable errors including:

  • Wrong site/side surgery
  • The cutting of tissue (including arteries, nerves, organs, or muscle) that should not have been involved in the surgery
  • Items such as gauze, sponges and even surgical instruments left inside of patients
  • Poor sanitation including the use of a ‘non sterile instrument’
  • Errors in the administration of anesthesia
  • Failure to review a patient’s history when choosing to perform a procedure

Medical negligence mistakes classified as “surgical errors” can occur before and after surgery.  Here in Rhode Island surgical errors can also occur during diagnostic testing, preparation for surgery and as a result of post-surgical complications.

Surgical errors can occur because surgeons are overworked or inexperienced or because of poor communication between the surgical team and other health professionals.  As you can see, identifying that you have been a victim of medical negligence is only the first step.  If you or your family have suffered from harm due to a surgical error, you need an experienced surgical negligence attorney in your corner.  We have experience working with Rhode Island Medical Negligence clients, and we have a record of winning large verdicts and settlements for our clients.

We at Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, Ltd are dedicated to holding responsible parties accountable.  Once we have determined that you have a viable claim, our Rhode Island hospital mistakes attorneys will work hard to secure the results you and your family deserve.