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Brain Damage Babies
May 28, 2020

Brain Damage in Babies Due to Lack of Oxygen

Birth asphyxia is a condition that occurs when a baby does not receive enough oxygen and other nutrients either before, during, or right after birth. This lack of oxygen can often lead to varying forms of brain damage.  When cells don’t get the oxygen and nutrients they need, waste will build up in the cells and cause damage.

The amount of harm ultimately caused by birth asphyxia depends on several factors such as:

  • How long your baby doesn’t receive enough oxygen
  • How low the level of oxygen actually is
  • How long a delay exists before the problem is discovered and properly treated

Birth Asphyxia And Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy, often referred to as HIE, is a non-specific term used to describe improper function in the brain due to a lack of blood flow and oxygen. Hypoxia refers to a reduction in the supply of oxygen to organs including the brain. Ischemia refers to an inadequate supply of blood to the organs. Encephalopathy is a term used to describe any form of generalized brain dysfunction. In the simplest terms, HIE is a more generalized form of birth asphyxia.

The Results Of Birth Asphyxia And Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

The health effects that will manifest in a baby that has suffered from a lack of oxygen before, during, or after birth can vary greatly. 

Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatment Of Brain Damage During Birth

Sometimes, the cause of birth injuries like Birth Asphyxia and Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) are preventable. Sometimes a baby experiences a lack of oxygen and suffers brain damage because someone either did something wrong or neglected to do something they should have done, such as failing to deliver a baby when there are signs of fetal distress.

Unfortunately, when such a problem occurs at birth, it can mean a lifetime of special needs, assisted living, medical procedures and therapies, and more. In those cases, you and your family have a right to seek compensation for problems caused by negligence or errors. You have the right to receive help with both the financial and emotional stress that you will take on.

Speak With A Rhode Island Birth Injury Attorney

If your baby or child has suffered brain damage due to a lack of oxygen before, during, or after birth and you suspect that it may have been caused by any type of medical negligence, the law office of Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell can help. Our team has the experience, and more importantly, the specialized knowledge required to successfully present a case involving such delicate and critical matters.

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