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Rhode Island Emergency Room Negligence

Patients of all ages, from newborn through the elderly, regularly seek treatment in Rhode Island Emergency Rooms. Patients must rely on the skill of the emergency room staff to understand the likely cause of their complaints, perform adequate and thorough physical examinations, determine and order the laboratory testing/radiology imaging needed and provide appropriate interventions and follow-up.

All of this must be done timely, since the one common denominator is urgency. People are a Rhode Island Emergency Room because they need attention NOW.

There can be periods of time when the number of emergency room staff is insufficient to address the needs of the patients present. When the emergency room is very busy, a visit there may include many seemingly endless hours in the waiting room.

Rhode Island Emergency Rooms are staffed by medical personnel of varying levels of skill.  They may include general physicians (and physicians in training), medical specialists, physicians’ assistants (PA’s), nurse practitioners (NP’s), nurses with varying degrees of training and clerical staff.  Some times the available care provider’s skill is inadequate for needs of the patient.  And in almost all instances, patients do not know the level of training of the person providing their care

Rhode Island Emergency Room Negligence in the provision of emergency care can include:

  1. A delay in response time by Rhode Island  Emergency rescue team,
  2. A delay in providing care to the patient after his arrival in the emergency room,
  3. Misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment in the emergency room,
  4. Failure to diagnose and treat a patient,
  5. Inappropriate discharge from the emergency room,
  6. Inadequate follow-up instructions to the patient,
  7. Medication errors,
  8. Falls from stretchers, and
  9. Many other forms of Emergence Room Negligence in the treatment provided by the emergency room staff.

At Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, Ltd, we are experienced in assessing the adequacy of emergency room care.  Our lawyers and nurses have extensive medical knowledge and consult regularly with medical experts in their assessment of the merits of potential cases.  We have successfully litigated many cases involving emergency room care here in Rhode Island.