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Our Case Results


Pediatric & Emergency Room Negligence Misdiagnosis of brain condition. Brain injured adolescent


Obstetrical Negligence/Birth Injury – Failure to perform timely C/Section


Electrical burns due to power lines too low.


Birth injury due to mismanaged breech delivery.


Birth trauma vs. incompetent Obstetrician/Hospital Misdiagnosis – fetal distress – negligent caesarian section. Laceration through skull and brain – severe brain injury


Automobile products liability for family death and injury in Texas crash.


Failure to diagnose child abuse vs. MDs/Hospital Severe brain injury to infant.


Surgical Negligence resulting in kidney damage


Surgical Negligence leading to wrongful death of a child


Orthopedic Medical Negligence- Failure to Timely Diagnose and Treat Post-op Infection